Some of my favourite treatments

Some of my favourite treatments

Six of my favourite treatments, tools and tips 

  1. Castor oil is the best! Helped us with sleep, sluggish livers, dry skin and general health!


  1. Magnesium chloride baths (these are amazing and can calm my son almost instantly!) However, it’s all about balance, it’s very easy to take too much magnesium and imbalance other nutrients. Work with a practioner who understands this!


  1. Lemon juice, Swedish bitters and Betaine HCL (Betaine hydrochloride). These all increase stomach acid and help to digest our food. We can’t be without our betaine! Stomach aches after food is just one of the symptoms.

         I will share tips soon on when you need to increase stomach acid and how to dose it. 


  1. Sunflower lecithin, such a good way to get that liver feeling happier.


  1. Near infrared Saunas is another of my favourite treatments that compliments good nutrition and healing. We have built one in our spare room and the benefits are extensive.


  1. The HTMA test! One of our best tools for helping us fix our issues.