Are antacids really helping?

Are antacids really helping?

Are you taking antacids, are they helping? We are often made to believe that acid reflux or GERD, is due to high stomach acid levels. For some this maybe the case, but many people have LOW stomach acid and need to increase it. We obviously need alkaline foods, but the actual stomach needs to be acidic.


Millions of people are taking acid suppressing drugs that unfortunately don’t address the underlying causes of reflux, but also cause all sorts of problems such as overgrowth of bad bugs in your gut, reduced resistance to infection, dementia, osteoporosis and much more.


Antacids reduce nutrient absorption, so they are linked to the hundreds of ailments caused by a lack of important vitamins and minerals.


As a former sufferer of acid reflux, I know the symptoms, they’re really not nice. I saw so many Dr’s and Gastroenterologists. They kept prescribing acid reducing drugs. Finally after working with a nutritionist and addressing the root causes I found relief; no more constipation, pain, sore throats, aches, feeling nauseous, no appetite…. the list of symptoms goes on!


If you’ve been increasing stomach acid and you still get symptoms. Then there’s other root causes to look at like H. pylori, SIBO, hormones or loss of magnesium or other nutrient imbalances.


Obviously it depends on your symptoms, a handful of people may need them, but most will not. Even if you’re still not sure, just a trial of gradually increasing stomach acid is good, then you will know which you need. If you’re not sure how to increase stomach acid or whether to continue with your antacids, I can help.

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