Looking for long-term healthy weight loss?

Looking for long-term healthy weight loss?

The typical advice for weight loss are low fat or low calorie diets, exercise at least an hour a day and so on. There are many reasons OTHER than just diet and exercise, why we might be overweight such as sluggish adrenals or thyroid glands, slow metabolism, poor gut or liver health.

I don’t encourage restrictive diets or massive amounts of exercise. Cutting foods out can reduce nutrients and energy; it can also cause stress to the body. Weight loss occurs when you nourish your body with all the important vitamins and minerals it needs, together with the tips discussed below.

The body is a complex system that functions best when all areas are balanced and happy!


My tips for healthy weight loss

Fix any digestive issues
Ensuring we digest our food is really key to losing weight. We need sufficient stomach acid and bile to digest nutrients and to keep out things like bad bacteria. Any issues like IBS, indigestion, bloating, constipation all need to be fixed too.

Liver health
The liver is one of the most important yet overlooked factors in weight management. The liver has over 500 functions! Part of the liver’s job is to filter out toxins. If the liver gets overwhelmed by too many toxins together with a poor diet, it’s unable to do its job correctly. When this happens, toxins get stored in fat. I have plenty of suggestions on how to help the liver feel happier!

Get your bile flowing!
Bile (made by the liver) can help improve weight loss. Bile breaks down and absorbs fats, it is also essential for detoxing.

Balance your minerals
A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test is a perfect way to determine mineral status, metabolism, toxins and other factors that affect health. If our metabolism is sluggish any efforts at weight loss will likewise be sluggish. Minerals are also need to be balanced in order to detox properly.

Enjoy eating ‘good’ fats
‘Good’ fats from butter, ghee, avocado’s and nuts are actually good for our health! They key is to help digest those fats, by improving liver health and boosting bile flow. Fat is needed for the health of the brain, reproductive system, adrenals, thyroid, immune system, eyes, skin and nails.

Focus on nutrient dense foods
Plenty of different fruits and vegetables, ‘good fats’, whole milk dairy products, fermented foods, eggs and good quality meat.

Maximise protein metabolism
Many people’s metabolism is slow. Making sure that you are getting enough good quality protein (and that you are digesting it properly) can help to boost metabolism.

Exercise is certainly important for weight loss, but there has to be a balance. Over-exercising or extreme workouts aren’t always good, as it can chronically raise cortisol levels. This can lead to weight GAIN, as well as draining our minerals. High intensity exercise should be limited, especially for those who are dealing with other health issues (e.g stress, autoimmune conditions or poor digestion). The key is moderation and listening to your body.

And lastly, but not least … sleep
Sleep can help with weight loss. During sleep, our livers and lymph system detoxify and clear the body of excess toxins. Toxins get stored in fat, so if we can’t detox efficiently, we can pile on the pounds quite easily!


I can help you with all of these aspects. Feel free to contact me at kathryn@routestonutrition.co.uk.