How is your nervous system?

How is your nervous system?
The Autonomic Nervous System, is how it sounds; it’s the ‘automatic’ part of the nervous system that controls bodily activities such as breathing, heartbeat and digestion.
It has 2 modes:
1. low stress which is called ‘Parasympathetic’ (most active when you are calm and resting. Think “rest and digest”.  The vague nerve is the biggest nerve associated with the parasympathetic nervous system)
2. High stress which is called ‘Sympathetic’ (prepares us for stress: fight or flight).
When we’re in a parasympathetic state, everything works better – digestion, sleep, cardiovascular, immune system. We also feel calmer.
Ideal scenario
Our aim is to have balance between the two states. We should be able to activate the fight-or-flight when it is needed, and we should be able to restore ourselves when we are resting. 

An imbalance in the nervous system can be caused by nutritional issues (whether from birth or acquired), poor diet, overuse of stimulants like coffee, constant negative thinking, physical/emotional traumas or toxins and heavy metals.  Constant stress like a physically demanding job can also cause an imbalance because the person is nearly always in a “fight-or-flight” situation.


What the hair mineral test can tell us?

The hair mineral test can tell us about nervous system health, and whether you are a slow oxidiser (parasympathetic dominance) or fast oxidiser (sympathetic state). Slow oxidation (underactive thyroid and adrenal glands) suggest a parasympathetic dominance and a sluggish metabolism. Fast oxidation (over-active adrenals and thyroid) suggests a sympathetic dominance and a fast metabolism.

Whether a fast or slow oxidizer, I develop a plan to replenish your minerals and support the body to achieve balance of the nervous system.