Tired or stressed?

Tired or stressed?

Zinc and copper – these two minerals need to be in a healthy balance, but usually are not. An imbalance can affect our energy levels in many ways.

Although we need some copper, too much copper to zinc usually indicates excess copper in the body; this is a very common pattern I see.

Three major things this zinc/ copper imbalance affects :

1. Depresses the function of the thyroid – slowing it down which can result in hypothyroidism at the CELL level, even when the body is producing enough hormones via the blood (hence normal thyroid blood tests). Thyroid hormones are unable to get INSIDE cells, this results in fatigue.

2. Adrenal glands – If zinc is too low, adrenal hormone production reduces, over time we can get into a burnout stage where the body can’t get up and go. This fatigue unfortunately isn’t resolved with a few good night’s sleep, it’s a deep established pattern.

3. Liver issues: The liver is the main detox organ. We need copper & zinc for normal liver function as well as detoxification. If these minerals are imbalances, the liver is unable to get rid of toxins and heavy metals and eventually over time the liver becomes ‘clogged up’. Fatigue also often results in this scenario.

A copper/zinc imbalance can cause a whole host of other symptoms:
– Allergies
– Candida
– Headaches
– Immune issues
– Female problems of many kinds (namely hormone related)
– Infections
– Insomnia
– Skin issues: acne/eczema/hives/psoriasis/skin rashes
– Behaviour problems
– Psychological problems
– Emotional instability
Hair mineral testing can help us to understand your own unique copper imbalance. Copper imbalance is so common – getting your copper balanced and eliminating excess stored copper can help so many aspects of your health.