Not feeling good on zinc?  It’s all about balance.

Not feeling good on zinc? It’s all about balance.

Reasons for not responding to zinc well

Low sodium

  • Sometimes if you have low sodium when taking zinc, it can cause problems and make you feel more anxious, nausea or generally not good! Zinc can also lower sodium further.
  • We need to support the adrenals first, raise sodium. Some may need copper and manganese to help offset the sodium lowering qualities of zinc. Other support like adrenal cortex extract or herbal supplements may help too.
  • When we start giving zinc, it begins to carry out it’s important job of killing viruses/candida, this process can cause stress to our system, so our immune system tries to mount a response. However, if we’re low in sodium, we struggle and this results in all those adrenal symptoms (ranging from exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, sleep issues, morning fatigue, craving salt etc.)

Low copper:

For other’s it maybe a case they’re low in copper and need to increase their copper first before they can increase and tolerate zinc.


Zinc is essential. However when giving zinc it’s all about balance and knowing how much to give according to your other minerals. We also need to keep an eye on our levels with hair mineral testing and change dosages accordingly.