What to do in a ‘flare’

What to do in a ‘flare’

A flare can be caused by so many different factors, for example mould exposure, imbalanced nutrients, blood sugar issues, wobbly teeth, parasites, ammonia issues, PANS/immune and stomach acid imbalances.

What are flare type symptoms?

Flares vary for everyone, but this is a summary of the kind of symptoms that a flare can produce:

Increased fatigue, OCD, sleep issues, aches, digestive symptoms, headache, brain fog, poor mood/irritable/ anxiety or flu-like symptoms.

The suggestions below are just for the short term. Seek further advise for the long term.

Key supports:

  • Magnesium – double normal dosage – depletes very fast when the body is stressed.
  • Stomach acid support is key.
  • Vitamin A 200,000 iu for 2 days.
  • Vitamin D – from sunshine ideally, not supplements, hard I know in the winter!
  • Cutting out inflammatory foods (e.g. sugar, corn, gluten, dairy or whatever food sensitives are present).
  • Castor oil (rubbed on the liver area before bed).

Other optional help (not suitable or needed for all)

  • Vitamin B1 (I like allithiamine) is depleted immediately with stress; also good if there are issues like sleep or blood sugar imbalances & bed wetting.
  • For some, high dose antioxidants such as Vitamin C (double dose for 3 days to 1 week).
  • Anti inflammatories: Herbals such as Chinese skullcap, CBD, niacinamide or colour/sugar free Benadryl.
  • Ibuprofen for approx. a week.
  • Ammonia supports (e.g. L-Citrulline or Alpha ketoglutaric acid)
  • Adrenal treatment support (the correct supplement depends on if you have over or underactive adrenals).
  • Bicarbonate of soda (although please be aware of lowering stomach acid).
  • Binders (e.g. charcoal, bentonite clay) but certainly not for everyone, as they can increase constipation.
  • Zinc double normal dose for 1 week (if tolerated).