Calcium – one of the least understood minerals

Calcium – one of the least understood minerals

A high calcium on hair tests can ‘sometimes’ mean it’s not being absorbed and stored correctly. 

I will add occasional calcium supplementation, depending on the client’s nutritional calcium intake.

If I give calcium, I ensure we have all the other nutrients needed on board to ensure absorption of calcium. 

Strontium can also compliment calcium absorption and can help draw calcium back into balance.

Low calcium levels

Those who eat high oxalates can often become depleted in calcium. Calcium also helps bind and exctrete oxalates. 

Increasing magnesium will help keep calcium where it is supposed to be, not high in the blood.

Calcium can help with histamine issues – it pulls histamine into the blood for elimination. 

Calcium is very relaxing to the nervous system and can help aid a deeper sleep.

It’s also important for saliva production and to regulate enzymes in the digestive tract.

Calcium can help reduce PMS symptoms, sometimes I recommend increased calcium (and cofactors) just prior to menstruation.

Many of the clients I work with are dairy free or eat limited dairy foods, so do sometimes need a boost in calcium. I like highly absorbable forms of calcium such as calcium hydroxyapatite. I then add other supplements needed to complement it’s absorption.