Gut Healing

Gut Healing


To begin with remove all gut irritants:

• Remove inflammatory foods. Food intolerances or allergies induce inflammation, this can reduce stomach acid and can also affect constipation and intestinal permeability.

• Mould toxins – mould exposure and mycotoxins in the gut can damage gut lining and cause leaky gut as well as being toxic.

• Reduce heavy metal toxins (this isn’t advised early on in a mineral program).

• Parasites, bacteria, yeast, etc. (Antibiotics can affect these levels). *Many practitioners see increase in bacteria and only treat to kill bacteria. My approach is to treat these but ALSO to find out why the system is not working to remove these in the first place and support as necessary. 

• Mast cell issues can increase gut permeability (as well as blood brain barrier permeability too).

• Decrease ammonia, which is a gut irritant. 


• Ensure sufficient stomach acid if too low. 

• Treat hypercoagulation and biofilms (Proteolytic enzymes discussed in my previous post). This can help blood flow to repair the gut, plus help remove toxins and help constipation. 

• Bile support: We need to ensure old bile is removed that contains toxins and produce plenty of new clean bile (e.g. taurine)

• Liver support.

• High fibre foods help to build an environment conducive to good bacterial growth.

• Improve any constipation issues (ideally a bowel movement at least once a day). 

• Gut wall repair supports (e.g. I like Butyrate. Often glutamine or aloe are recommended but these aren’t always tolerated).• Herbal mucous supporting supplements (these can help to soothe if there is a lot of damage).

 • Ensure sufficient nutrients in the diet including plenty of amino acids for repair (diet and or supplements)

• If you have FUT2 gene present, this can affect gut health. 

Just a few other tips

Products such as ‘digestive’ enzymes are often recommended with a meal, but I don’t always see these help. Prebiotics and probiotics are often recommended, but again I don’t always use these immediately or at all sometimes as they can often cause flares. Please pay attention to any new behaviours, OCD or tics if you are starting probiotics.Collagen and bone broth can often cause problems/flares, both are high in histamines and glutamates. 

Final thoughts

Gut healing is very complex, and this list certainly doesn’t cover everything. The order of what to address is also important. Certainly some aspects of gut health can improve in the short term, but successful gut healing is a long-term journey, as you need to remove many of the triggers that I’ve mentioned above, this can take time to do safely.