Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition

I can help with many aspects of child nutrition, about 80% of my work is with children. I work with a large range of children including those on the autistic spectrum, ADHD to those with PANDAS or PANS or tics. 

I work with the parents and decide which test or tests are needed. My work primarily revolves around mineral balancing, heavy metal detoxification, Vitamin supplementation, gut support, detox support, ammonia support, amino acid therapy, anti-inflammatories, as well as ensuring they have the right diet for them, that doesn’t increase inflammation. 

Many of the children I work with are very sensitive, so this is another aspect that I take into account. My plans are very gentle and layer up the foundations slowly. This can take a while, but I feel is the safer route for many of these children. 

Having my own child go through many health problems (e.g. gut, mitochondrial issues, food intolerances, nutritional imbalances as well as PANS). This has helped me to understand many aspects of this topic. I also understand how hard it is to see your child suffer from a parents view.  

We have had times when my son has struggled ranging from sleep, mood, self-harm, gut to energy issues. With nutritional treatments, he is so much better. He is finally getting to sleep at a decent time (this has been a big issue!!). He’s a happy little boy, his confidence is soaring and he’s doing well at school, things I would never thought would happen several years ago!