Prices & Packages

I offer a range of customised plans to suit your specific needs. Appointments can be online (e.g Skype), telephone or in person. In addition I offer individual consultations, do contact me for more details.


Mineral testing package (£175)

  • The cost of the Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis test (HTMA) (£59).
  • A graph showing your mineral status.
  • 1hr (up to 1hr and a half) consultation: I will review your HTMA results with you, discuss your main health concerns and suggest ways forward.
  • A personalised protocol with diet recommendations (and/or supplements) will be emailed to you within 4 days after the consult. The protocol will suggest how to rebalance your minerals (and vitamins if applicable).
  • Guidance for gut, lymph, liver and colon support where applicable.

Mineral testing ‘premium’ package (£225)

  • As per the above package, but with email support for 3 months from the time of the consultation.

Mineral test only (£59)

Hair mineral test only, presented in a series of graphs. This doesn’t include my analysis or consultation.

Mineral Retest (£110 if you retest within 6 months)

  • This option includes the cost of an HTMA retest to check progress and a 45 minute Skype consultation and up to 3 emails.
  • As you balance your minerals, it is important to tweak the protocol to keep up with metabolic changes/ improvements.
  • Make protocol changes if required.
  • Discuss any questions you may have.