Symptoms & Disorders

Symptoms & Disorders

Here’s some of the areas I specialise in:

Weight management

so many reasons here but sometimes weight issues can be a sign of a sluggish/dysfunctional liver or mineral imbalances)

Liver dysfunction

There are so many symptoms of a suffering liver, but they range from weight management issues, hormonal issues, thyroid problems, fatigue to poor digestion.

Digestive Issues

This is a HUGE topic! Digestive issues such as IBS, reflux, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach pain, bloating, imbalanced gut flora, gas and H. pylori are all becoming so common.

Much of my expertise lies in this area. The gut is SO influential on our overall health.


So many reasons for this, just a few causes can be nutrient deficiencies, mineral imbalances or a sluggish liver. I would be pleased to help you to find the cause of your fatigue.

Food intolerances & sensitivities

This is another of my key areas of research. I have plenty of recipes for various intolerances.

One of the complications of intolerances, is that supplements can’t always tolerated. I can help you find appropriate supplements depending on your requirements.

Stress, anxiety or sleep issues

Again, so many causes for these. Stress, exhaustion and anxiety can drain the body of nutrients. The body therefore needs to be topped up of nutrients at these times.

Adrenal health

Adrenal fatigue is unfortunately a common occurrence in today’s world, even in children. There are many causes of adrenal fatigue ranging from stress to poor diet. Stress overloads our adrenals. This can cause a multitude of symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, feeling weak or frequent headaches.

Just feeling run down

If you continuously struggle to fight off colds and infections. It’s a sign the body needs more help nutritionally and that the immune system needs more support. The first line of treatment here is nutrition.