“My son was diagnosed with PANS and Kathryn has been helping us every navigate the seemingly complicated world of nutrition by providing advice and support in a language we can understand.  She is always quick to respond to questions and nothing is too much bother. Kathryn is extremely professional and knowledgeable and our son is coming on leaps and bounds.  We are very grateful to have found her.”



“Your programme is working very very well, and I am full of gratitude – I look forward to coming to see you and continuing the work a little later in the year”.



“I used Kathryn to help with a broken arm, the arm was not healing and the Consultants were puzzled and said the next stage would be an operation. However I wanted to try fix it naturally if I could, without an operation. I was recommended to seek Kathryn’s help by a close friend and completed a mineral test, the results showed a lot of mineral deficiencies including those needed for bone health. After following her plan for 4 months, miraculously the bone was healed at the next scan. The Dr’s were amazed and are now interested in talking to Kathryn!”



“After spending a huge of money on various different practitioners, including some leading practitioners in London, I decided to come and see you. So glad I did, my digestive issues are SO much better and my depression that I never thought I could get rid of has considerably improved. The horrible brain fog has also gone! Just wish I had found her sooner! I have recommended to her to friends and family”.



“I just wanted to email to say thank you! My daughter is flourishing :)”



“You not only provide excellent nutritional advise, you support me emotionally through this very cruel PANS condition that my son has. As you say it’s like fitting a big jigsaw piece together. We are certainly fitting these missing pieces in for my son and he is getting better and better”.



“I cannot recommend Kathryn highly enough. I saw Kathryn for my youngest daughter, who suffering with many digestive problems, these have all now improved completely and anxiety is fading. Kathryn is kind and knowledgeable and has a great deal of experience.”



“You’re our family nutritionist, and nothing we ask is ever too much, you’re wonderful! I’m feeling so well and have so much more energy.”



“Thank you so much for all your support these past 1 yr and a half. I really don’t know where we would be now if it wasn’t for you!! You create your plans so carefully, which I really appreciate. In my worst days you were there not only for nutritional support but emotional support for a struggling parent! I highly recommend Kathryn. My children are both thriving and it is down to you”!



“Kathryn is so approachable, calm yet professional. Her analysis and plans are carefully explained and easy to understand. Nothing is too much trouble and she is so responsive over email and emotional support for me as a parent. I really wouldn’t be sane right now if I hadn’t met Kathryn”.



“I just wanted to let you know how well Arlo is doing! It’s amazing how much of difference this has made already!! He’s so much calmer, is sleeping through the night and has had no diarrhoea at all… incredible! I’m so happy, thank you”.



“We started using Kathryn after our son had been extremely sick with strep and post viral tics, our neurologist kept prescribing antibiotics, we soon realised we couldn’t use them long term I felt we weren’t looking at the root cause and he kept getting sick. Kathryn was very reassuring and understanding of what we were going through. Kathryn advised us to have my son’s hair analysed, we discovered our son was depleted in some important minerals and so he was very imbalanced, if certain minerals aren’t in balance then the body and immune system won’t work properly. This made so much sense to us and once we started the supplement plan that Kathryn our son improved and his tics diminished! We are currently tic free and his immune system and health has never been better. We have been so impressed by the results that we have asked Kathryn to do the same for both of us! Kathryn is extremely easy to talk to professional and has always been there to answer any of my questions when I needed her”.



Our son was suffering with so much anxiety, tantrums, picky eating the list was endless. He had such a pale complexion, he struggled to focus on anything really and was finding school so hard, not only in the classroom, but with making friends. He was very emotional and would spend a lot of time in tears.

We saw our GP on so many occasions, she tried to help, but we were only ever given increasing medications which didn’t help and actually made him worse. We undertook some tests, which Kathryn arranged and fully analysed. She recommended various supplements. The difference in him is amazing and he is now really thriving. Even teachers have been seeing a difference too, he has come on in so many ways, with reading, writing and can’t wait to get to school. He has also made friends. We are so grateful to have met Kathryn.



Our son is now thriving, through your careful and gentle plans and continued support, you have single-handedly improved his health.



Just an example of how we have helped Emily over this last year. There is a school trip for 20 students to go to Amsterdam on a visual arts trip in Sep. She has asked if she can go even though none of her friends will be going. This is huge! Not only does she want to go, she is SO excited about it. A year ago I would never have expected anything like this. Thank you!



I’ve been working with Kathryn for 2 years now, her knowledge is vast, way more than any other practitioner I have worked with. She is so dedicated to her work, yet has a lovely approach, she genuinely wants to help. Each test we do with her and find out more information, I get better and better! I really haven’t felt as good as this! So, a big big thank you!



I contacted Kathryn regarding my eldest son, he has PANS, he had got so bad he was refusing to go to school. We had tried everything and seen so many practitioners and Dr’s. Since following her nutritional plan now for a year my son’s anxiety has massively reduced. His general health has massively improved, he is finally growing and is now able to go back to school, which is a massive breakthrough for us. I am now in the process of testing my elder son with Kathryn! Thank you so much! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Her prices are also very reasonable.